Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sis, Be His Significant Other, NOT His Mother!


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. 

          As I sit in my office penning my next novel while vibing to K. Michelle’s song, “Can’t Raise a Man,” a particular topic comes to mind, which was derived directly from her lyrics.  “You can’t raise a man.  He’s already grown, what you’re going to do… You wonder why he acts like a boy.  It’s because he wasn’t raised right before you.”  Then, the first verse drops, and she elaborates.  “He got older but never grew.”  WOW!  Let me repeat that.  “He got OLDER but never GREW!”  Those are some powerful words.  K. Michelle wasn’t taking jabs at someone’s height or referring to the story of Peter Pan.  She was describing the maturity and developmental growth of a man, and basically explaining that raising a man is not the responsibility of his woman, because by the time he’s grown enough to have a WOMAN, he’s already seasoned into the man he’s going to be.  So, if he’s lacking financially, social/emotionally, spiritually, etc., he must make a conscious effort to fill those voids, not his woman.  Not to say his woman shouldn’t assist him on his quest of self-healing, however, he must first assume that responsibility and take the initiative to repair his own damaged developmental wombs. 

 There’s been a shift of chivalry and responsibility amongst men and women over the past decade or so.  Men used to go to work, made sure their family had a roof over their head, a meal on the table, and overall served as the protective foundation for their family.  Women assumed other essential roles.  They took care of the children, kept the house in order, instilled and reinforced love, and nurtured the values within the household, and overall served as the social-emotional foundation for their family.  Now, various factors such as the Women’s Rights Movement, led to an influx of women demanding equal rights and opportunities and more freedom, which was extremely heroic, especially during the 20th century when women were expected to accept societal norms, despite how powerless it made them feel.  They fought to step out of their husband’s shadow in effort to find and define their own identity, while ensuring their children still felt loved, safe, and secure.  These women mastered the craft of becoming providers and nurturers, which is empowering within itself.  However, what I do not find empowering is watching the generational offspring of some of these courageous women, neglecting their parental duties and obligations of being a mother to take on the role of raising someone else’s grown ass son. 

    Yes, some women are out here babying and nurturing their boyfriends (not husbands) and neglecting their own children.  Need more clarification?  Let me go into detail.  There are women calling around and sitting online all day looking for the PS5 game system to purchase for their boyfriend but don’t have time to sit with their child to assist them with homework.  There are women standing in line for hours so they can purchase a pair of $350.00 Jordan’s for their boyfriend every time they drop yet complained about standing in line at their child’s school to receive a FREE laptop for their virtual learning.  There are women, staying in dysfunctional and traumatic situationships, patiently waiting for their man to make a miraculous change for the better, but is short-tempered when their child makes the slightest mistake.  They expect immediate results from their children but can sit in an uncommitted relationship with a lying, conniving, and cheating man for eternity.  There are women getting down on their knee to propose to a man but has yet to get down on their knee to pray for their child.  Spending their hard-earned income on lobster and steak dinner dates with “bae,” while the only hot meals their child eats is during lunchtime at school.  

Now, let me say this.  There’s nothing wrong with treating your man like a king if he possesses king qualities, however, don’t forget to keep the same energy with your little prince or princess.  If you’re going to dedicate your time and effort in building someone up, it should be the child that you procreated because unlike your man, they didn’t make the choice to be in your life; you made if for them.  Not to mention, the parent-child relationship heavily influences your child’s relationships with others.  Indeed, how parents physically, emotionally, and socially interact with their children contributes to who they become later in life. 

         This brings us back to K. Michelle’s lyrics.  “You can’t raise a man.  He’s already grown, what you’re going to do… You wonder why he acts like a boy.  It’s because he wasn’t raised right before you.”   No, you can’t raise a man.  Just like you can’t build one like a Build-A-Bear, especially after they reach a certain age.  You can’t add a sprinkle of ambition, a drop of responsibility, a pinch of loyalty, and a dash of commitment because by the time a grown man finds his way into your life, chances are his characteristics, personality traits, and temperament are already marinated into his DNA.  Attempting to reraise a man and assuming the role of his enabler will not make your life productive… If anything, it will make your household destructive, and your child that’s being neglected, will be at the butt of the eruption.    

Some will happily handover their entire tax return to invest in their man’s legal or illegal endeavors but find it difficult to put $25 per paycheck away to invest in their child’s future.  Will have a grown man laid up in their house unemployed and uninspired for as long as his heart desires, but is adamant about their child going half on rent and utilities as soon as they get their first paycheck.  Pookie can live with them forever, but their child must go out and fend for themselves as soon as they turn  eighteen years old.  I think you get the picture, so I’ll digress for time’s sake. 

In closing, watering a man with Peter Pan qualities and failing to nourish your own child will eventually lead to you sprouting an adult version of the person you’re attempting to reraise.  So, cut that umbilical cord that stretches from your pockets to your man’s heart and breathe life into your kids.  In other words, sis, be his significant other… Not his mother!

 By Dr. Keisha Wizzart aka Author Keisha Starr

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Relation Amputations #ChopChop


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.  In addition, this blog is therapeutic in nature.  It is not meant for professional use, so the owner apologizes for any grammatical errors that you may find.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants, needs, and appreciates the limbs on their bodies.  I have yet to hear a single person in this world say, “Oh, my hands, arms, fingers, legs or toes continuously hurts and causes me grief on a regular, so I’m going to ask my doctor to cut them off.”  As a matter of fact, even during life-threatening situations, where a person’s nerves are so poorly damaged that their doctor highly recommends amputation to avoid deadly complications, they still weigh all options before making that final decision.  They make such a sacrifice because removing that infected limb is their optimal option for survival.  What if I told you that there are people in your life that needs to be treated in the same manner.  Meaning, your ties, connections, and relations to those individuals needs to be completely detached from your life for you to survive and live prosperously.   

Similar to cancerous tumors, deadly infections, thickened nerve tissues, and frostbites, there are people in this world with venomous minds and hearts, that can shoot through your life and cause grave damages to you psychologically, physically, spiritually, and financially.  Yes, you may love them and yes, you may think that you want, need, and appreciate having them in your life, but when their presence causes potential threat to your presence, they must be removed expeditiously (In my T.I voice).  There should NEVER be a moment where you love and need anyone on this earth to the point that you willfully allow them to kill your spirit, poison your mind, break your heart, and block your blessings.  You have to cut them off, stand on your own, and move on, even if they represent the “leg” of your life.  The “leg” of your life is a phrase I use to describe someone you can’t stand on your own without.  It’s someone that causes your life to feel stagnant and unbalanced when they’re not around.  What if I told you that you confused that “crutch” for a leg?  What if I told you that the crutch you thought were legs needed to be removed to force you to take mindful and meaningful steps towards your purpose in life?    

You must make a conscious decision to put your wellbeing first.  Be selfish and stubborn as you can be when it pertains to preserving your sanity.  If someone causes you more hurt than happiness… #ChopChop.  If someone causes you more grief than growth…#ChopChop.   If someone causes you more setbacks than settlements… #ChopChop. That person needs to be amputated!  That’s not to say you stop loving, caring, or praying for them, but it does mean you need to move on and learn how to navigate through life without them because life does go on!  

 Life doesn’t end with an amputation, as a matter of fact, the sole purpose for that surgical procedure is to preserve life.  There are plenty of amputees doing amazing things.  For example, Corporal Todd Love is a triple amputee injured in 2010 in Afghanistan, who continues to enjoy skydiving, alligator wrestling, and kayaking.  Hell, there’s a whole Amputee Soccer Association that literally “took their pain and played with it,” as Charlie Chaplin would say.  If these people can move on and live their best life without an essential part of their body that they’ve been relying on since they were born, then you shouldn’t have a problem departing from someone who doesn’t love, respect, or value you.  This includes your significant other, best friend, employer, coworker, and especially FAMILY MEMBERS!  FYI… Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you have to relate to their bullshit.   #ChopChop.   

I’m going to close this week’s blog on this note.  This year, 2020, taught me a lot.  Life is too short to take moments and people for granted.    In a time when we’re being demanded to quarantine and dissocialize from the outside world, there’s a grave need to be surrounded by “essential” people.  So, if there’s anyone in your life that you know is not right for your growth in all areas of development, PRAY for them and then STRAY from them.    


By Dr. Keisha Wizzart aka Author Keisha Starr

Monday, November 11, 2019

Be Careful What You Prey For!


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. 

You pulled up next to your old classmate Donna at the light, sitting in the latest Mercedes Benz while you’re shamefully waving from your ten-year-old Honda Accord.  You ask God to please put you in Donna’s position, but instead of prospering, your life made a turn for the worse.  After working a late shift at work, you drive home and dosed off.  You woke up just in time to swing the steering wheel back.  No, you didn’t hit the tree that you were headed towards, but your car hit a huge pothole and destroyed your transmission.  “Why, God?”  “Why me,” you ask…

You log onto social media and see Tracy post happy pictures of her and her boyfriend.  She was flaunting the beautiful engagement ring that he just purchased her with the caption, “My king asked, and I said YES!”  You ask God to please put you in Tracy’s position, but instead of getting an engagement ring, your boyfriend gave you a ring around your left eye.  You made dinner and he disliked the way you seasoned the chicken, so he started yelling at you, and one thing led to another, and it ended with you being physically attacked.  He’s never done this before, yet today he completely lost it and turned into a man you’ve never seen before.  You think of Tracy’s life, compared it to yours, and asked, “Why, God?”  “Why me?" 

You run into Monique at the mall, and she sees you and gives you a big hug.  You two exchange a few words, and she started telling you how happy she is to be able to shop all day.  She’s rocking a nice designer bag and a pair of Christian Louis Baton stilettoes.  You wish you could live carefree like Monique too, but you can’t because you have a full-time job, two kids, a mortgage, and a list of monthly bills that you must pay.  You ask God to please put you in Monique’s position, and per usual, instead of things getting better, they got worse.  You came to work one day, and your manager called an emergency meeting to inform the company that they’re having financial difficulties and must close immediately… Without so much as a warning, you left your job of unemployed[SPWS1] .  So now you can't find a job, you’re barely able to pay your bills with the small unemployment checks that you’re receiving and struggling to support your family. "Why, God?”  “Why me,” you ask again…

hat? There’s a word missing it seem

Finally, God decides to answer you!

Well, I thought I was looking out for you pretty well.  You had a car that was paid off, a man who loved you and provided for you and your two kids.  I made sure your credit was good enough to secure the home of your dreams, and I gave you the strength to complete college so that you could have a career with room for advancement to grow in the company.  Anybody else would have been satisfied with that, but not you.  You asked me to put you in Donna’s position, so I did.  Donna lives paycheck to paycheck because she’s living above her means.  She’s living above her means to the point that she lost her car and now must borrow her sister’s car to run minor errands.  You wanted to be in Donna’s position, so I totaled your car and gave you what you asked for. 

Then, let’s see… I made it possible for you to meet Mike.  Mike isn’t the richest man in the world, but he had the heart of gold and he loved you and your kids unconditionally.  Yes, he’s a warehouse worker that’s not the richest man in [SPWS1] the world, but he made enough to be able to save $100 each paycheck towards the engagement ring he was hoping to give you next year.  He respects the ground you walk on and treats you like a queen, but you weren’t looking for a king.  You were looking for an abusive thug… A drug dealer who beats on women! I mean, that is what you were looking for because you asked me to put you in Tracy’s position, so I did.  Tracy has an engagement ring that her boyfriend robbed from someone else to give to her after beating her up as he normally does when his money is funny.  So, I gave you what you wanted, which was an abusive coward who had no intensions on ever marrying you. 

And finally, I made sure you had a job that was secured and put you in a position to not only provide for you and your family, but also had benefits to secure a great future.  You must have forgotten where you started from.  You went from an entry level position making minimum wage, to assistant manager in less than two years, however, you didn’t want that.  You wanted to be an unemployed booster like Monique, who was actively stealing in the mall on the day you ran into her.  She’s living carefree because she’s living reckless without her kids, who are being raised by her mother.  So, I made a few changes to your life to accommodate your wishes, and now you have all the time you want in the world to lose your house and kids as Monique did. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 states, “Give THANKS in all circumstances; for this is the will of GOD in Christ Jesus for you!

What I hope you take from this blog today is live in your moment and appreciate what GOD has done for you.  Don’t obsess yourself with the surface of someone’s life because you do not know what lies beneath… Be grateful for YOUR life because someone isn’t living today who was once living yesterday.  Be appreciative of the people and opportunities in YOUR life… Because there’s always someone who wishes they had what you have.  And most importantly, be mindful of when the devil prompts YOU to PREY for something, because there’s a difference in the words PREY and PRAY!!!

By Dr. Keisha Wizzart aka Author Keisha Starr

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Secure Your Mask First


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.  

I remember flying to Miami one day and the flight attendant began the pre-flight safety demonstration. She gave several instructions, but the one that stood out the most to me was when she explained that if the air pressure in the cannon dropped below standard levels, an emergency oxygen mask was available for everyone on the flight. She then added, “If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.” I was perplexed by that rule. I remember thinking to myself, if my child is with me and there’s a drop in oxygen, I’m securing their mask first so that they are safe.

After thinking about that for a short while, I then began to ponder on the reason for being instructed to secure my safety mask before securing my child’s. If I put my child’s mask on first and fail to secure mine, how could I truly help them if something went wrong with me and I died in the process? How could I protect my precious baby in the long run, if I didn’t take all precautionary measures to protect myself enough to survive for them? I had an epiphany that day sitting in my little coach airplane seat as the flight attendant continued to ramble on.

Being in a relationship… For some people, that’s their ultimate goal in life. I didn’t say being in a healthy, loving, or nurturing relationship. I specifically said for some people, their ultimate goal in life is to be in a relationship. I’ve seen people put more effort in securing a relationship than securing “security” for their own future. I’ve seen people spend more time, effort, and energy on providing their significant other with love and attention than they spend on loving and attending to themselves. These individuals are not SECURING THEIR MASK FIRST! How could you truly love someone else if you don’t love yourself? How could you attempt to be someone’s all when you’re broken inside? The only person that I know that could work such a miracle is Jesus. Jesus is the only person that used five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five thousand men. Now, if you’re able to fuel someone’s heart, mind, body, and soul with your very limited heart, mind, body, and soul without compromising yourself in every capacity then so be it. However, based off experience, I don’t see that happening, and if it does, chances are it will not end well for both the receiver and the pleaser.

Let me tell you about my experience with securing someone else’s mask before securing mine.  I dated my first boyfriend when I was around eighteen years old.  That relationship wasn’t healthy by far.  As a matter of fact, all I remember is making frequent withdrawals from my heart and depositing it into his, without ever depositing anything back into my account.  This went on for years until I came to the realization that this cycle wasn’t going to end, so I walked away from that relationship and entered a new one.  This new relationship appeared to be what I wanted at first, until I realized that I was again making withdrawals from my heart and depositing it into someone else’s, and although this time around the guy made some deposits to my heart, it wasn’t half of what I was giving to him.  So, guess what? I walked away from that relationship and entered a new one, and the dysfunctional cycle continued.  From one toxic relationship to another, I was withdrawing from my heart and depositing love into someone else’s and constantly being shortchanged.  I was securing their mask and making sure they were good, all while suffocating from low self-esteem, depression, feelings of abandonment, and so much more.  It wasn’t until I met my fiancé, Tyran Hill, who challenged me to love myself first before loving him that I truly realized the bad investments that I’ve made over the years. 

I’ve accepted a man who wouldn’t get a job because he made a career out of taking from me.  I was working my ass off to take care of an adult that I couldn’t even claim on my taxes.  BAD INVESTMENT!  I accepted a man who dated me for years with no intensions of making an honest woman out of me.  I’m sitting at his house cooking, cleaning, washing, and doing all my wifely duties, before heading back to my actual residence at my momma’s house.  BAD INVESTMENT!  I accepted a man who thought he was prettier than I was.  Here’s the kicker… This man had more issues than Vogue, and I was covering them up so much to protect his image to the point that his issues became my issues, and he had the nerve to shine the light on my flaws and attempt to get me together.  BAD DAMN INVESTMENT!

I could sit and write about this topic for hours, but I’m going to close out this blog by saying this.; anyone that’s willing to allow you to put them before yourself is someone you need to run far away from.  Anyone that’s consistently taking from you and failing to return the favor is a loser, user, abuser, and a low-down dirty word that starts with mother and ends with the letters “er.” That’s someone that you don’t need in your life.  You will never see the fruit of your labor because he or she will always eat it up.  That’s why it’s important to secure your mask before securing theirs.  Date yourself.  Learn your likes and dislikes.  Discover what makes you happy and what makes you sad.  Get dressed to impress not a single soul but yourself and walk around with the swag and confidence of a billion Beyoncé’s.  Deposit love into your own heart and determine your own worth without feeling the need to be validated by being in a relationship.  Secure Your Mask First and Then Assist the Other Person!

By Dr. Keisha Starr AKA Author Keisha Starr


Sunday, February 10, 2019

It's Called "Mental Health Illness" NOT "Mental Health Willingness!"


This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.  

       My publicist has been grilling me to write a blog for the past few weeks, but I’ve been pondering over what I wanted to talk about for my debut topic.  I mean, all the other blogs following the first one will pretty much go with the flow. However, I wanted my first blog to be fun, vibrant, and exciting.  I wanted it to represent me and my personality, which is often silly, entertaining, and relaxed.  Yet, as I sit down to write, all that keeps coming to mind are real-life issues that aren’t so fun and sometimes difficult to discuss.  You see, Keisha Starr, the author, has an imagination that is beyond this world, but, Keisha Wizzart, the Human Services/Mental Health professional deals with real life issues on a daily basis that are way more dramatic than anything that Keisha Starr could envision.   

The recent, sudden death of actor Kristoff St. John, formally known to his fans as Neil Winters from the daytime soap opera “The Young & the Restless,” is navigating this blog that I’m writing today.  I don’t know the logistics of his death, mental health status, or family dynamics, but I do know that he lost his son to suicide five years ago and has been battling depression and substance abuse ever since.  From the news report, I gather that mental illness played a major role in his death, whether it was directly or indirectly.  So, this is the topic that I choose to talk about.  Although I would love to sit here and give my point-of-view on my favorite reality shows, discuss what’s hot and what’s not in today’s fashion world, give tips and suggestions on what it takes to be a successful writer, and recap all the funny moments of Soulja Boy’s Breakfast Club interview, I can’t help but to speak on a topic that is often perceived as taboo in my culture.  There are many people suffering from mental health illness, yet, only a few would admit it, and only a small percentage of the few who are willing to admit it, will actually seek professional help to address it.  This is especially prominent in the African-American community, and even worse if you’re an Islander.   

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but both of my parents are from Kington, Jamaica.  I was raised in a huge, loving and supportive family, and even as an adult, I still feel the comfort of knowing that my family will always have my back.  Yet, when I first exhibited signs of mental health issues, the first thing my family did was go into full-fledge protection mode. This consisted of drawing a cross on my forehead with olive oil, praying away the devil and evil spirits, and anointing my soul with holy water and ginger tea.  Yes, ginger tea fixes any and everything in a Jamaican household.  Also, my family was adamant about keeping my mental health issue amongst the family, and not allowing outsiders to take advantage of my vulnerability.  They weren’t ashamed of me by far, but they knew that the world we lived in was closedminded about these types of situations, and that being open about mental illness could one day be used against me.  

        Now, on the flipside, when I had a cold or was physically sick my mother called my doctor, took me to his office for an evaluation, and gave me medication that was prescribed to treat my symptoms.  She also took a doctor’s note to school to explain why I was out.  Seems pretty logical, right?   Wrong!  This practice ultimately made me see mental and physical health differently.  Physical health issues were perceived as something that a person couldn’t control and needed help addressing.  It was something that I could discuss openly and shouldn’t feel ashamed of because it wasn’t my fault.  Mental health issues, on the other hand, were something that I felt embarrassed of.  I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that I was sad all the time or was using food to bring happiness in my life because I thought that people would judge me and label me as weak-minded.  I felt like it was up to me to fix my own situation without anyone’s help, and for that reason I ended up being 300 pounds, suffering from depression by the age of twenty-three, and everyone around me was totally blindsided when I began wilding out and engaging in all sorts of rebellious behaviors.             

As I mentioned, I had and still have a GREAT family network of people who provide me with love, nurture me, and show attention and affection.  I’m not the most successful person in the world, but I have three degrees and one on the way, a productive career, a handsome fiancé, and two super cool sons.  I have the most wonderful family, close friends, an abundance of associates and fans who faithfully support me, yet, with all that, mental illness found its way in my life.  I was raised to believe that mental health was an “in-home” situation that stayed behind closed doors, and that mental health illness was something that God could fix.  Although my religion and faith played a huge role in my recovery, it wasn’t until I became open and receptive to seeking professional help that I truly gained insight on how and why my mental health issues even manifested, and at that moment, I learned how to control and conquer it. 

I think sometimes people mistake mental illness with something that someone can regulate.  It’s called mental ILLNESS not mental WILLINGNESS.  Let me explain myself a little further.  According to an online dictionary, the term illness is defined as a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.  Willingness is defined as the quality or state of being prepared to do something.  This means that mental illness is in fact a disease.   It is a serious medical condition that requires treatment to cure or control just as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.  No one wakes up and says, “This is the day the Lord has made, let me have a stroke.”  No one lays in bed at night and thinks to themselves, “I think I will make cancer cells grow in my body so that I can sit and relax at the cancer treatment center for a couple days a week.”  This is the same for mental illness.  No one in this world would willingly wants to have their mind controlled by a psychologic disorder such as depression, bipolar disease, or schizophrenia, and if there is someone willing to do this, I can almost bet my life on it that person is already suffering from a psychological disorder.       

In today’s social-media-driven world, people are predisposed to varied mental health situations.  I know that I’ve read a few posts from friends and family on my social media pages that made my left eyebrow stand all the way up.  I’ve seen people crying out for attention by saying the most off the wall things.  I’ve seen people boldly stating that they are depressed and in need of help.  I’ve even witnessed people posting their suicide letters and saying their final goodbyes to their loved ones.  I, myself, recently shared a post that I thought was simple in nature, but it turned out that it placed me in a position to be a voice of reason to several friends and family members who were going through some rough patches that no one knew about.  Hell, I found out that a good friend of mind was in the middle of an active divorce through this post.  Mind you, I thought she was still happily married to her husband and was in a good space.  

The post that I made was titled “Mental Health Check-In,” and it basically had different color hearts on there, and based on the color heart that you placed under the post, I was able to see where you were mentally at that moment.  The options ranged from “I’m doing great” to “I’m in a really dark place.”  I was both surprised and inspired by many people who weren’t afraid to be honest and vulnerable about what they were going through.  I actually found time to contact everyone who shared that they were in a dark place or wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to them.  It was great to see people being vocal about not feeling mentally stable at that moment and being receptive to receiving help.

Whether you’re the actual person experiencing a mental health crisis, or you know someone who is, the most important thing to do is connect them to someone or resources that could help them.  I’m not a medical professional, so I would not sit here and claim to know the exact signs and symptoms of someone suffering from a mental health issue.  However, based on my personal experience, education in the human services and marriage and family counseling field, and countless years of working with an array of people that have been diagnosed with a mental health issue, I can list some common signs of mental health illness.  Please be aware of certain emotional or behavioral changes such as  prolong sadness and depression, loss of appetite, dramatic sleep, social withdrawal and a constant need to be alone[SPWS1] , irrational thinking and speech, or engagement in behaviors that seem strange or can lead to serious consequences.   

If you or someone you know exhibit any of these signs, call a professional and set up an appointment right away.  The emergency room of any local hospital is open 365 days of the year, and they have medical staff on duty to help with mental health needs.  If you’re in the Baltimore area you can contact the Baltimore Crisis Response Unit 24/7 at 410-433-5175.  The most important thing to remember is that you’re NEVER alone, although you may feel that way.  Believe it or not, we are living in a time where it’s not that people are ignoring you or don’t feel your pain.  It very much could be that they are also going through something traumatic and are coping with their own pain to the point that yours aren’t visible to their eye.  So, speak up and be vocal.  Don’t be afraid or shamed to say I need help.  Again, it called mental ILLNESS not WILLINGNESS!  You did nothing to provoke this disease, but you can do something to make it go away to live another day!

By Dr. Keisha Wizzart AKA Author Keisha Starr

Saturday, January 26, 2019

About the Author Keisha Starr

Born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, MD, Dr. Keisha Wizzart, who pens under the pseudonym Author Keisha Starr, turned her pain into payments by earning a PhD and Master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling.  After dominating the Human Services and Mental Health field for over twenty years, she combined her love of writing, and passion for helping others and launched a literary career that is currently narrating her destiny one page at a time.

Keisha grew up in a household of musicians and writers. She watched attentively as her family formed the first Reggae collective in Maryland, The Determination Band, which introduced her to the art of music and scripted language. After wowing a crowd of thousands during a music fest, Keisha decided to embark on her own literary and musical journey. She began penning songs, short stories, stage plays, and poems at an early age, rendering her a published author by the age of thirteen. Her crafty writing skills, knack for compelling storytelling, and seasoned vocabulary made her an instant literary prodigy.

By twenty-one, Keisha wrote, vocally arranged, and released her first CD, “True Confessions,” which created a buzz throughout the DMV area. Her edgy, yet sultrily style of writing wove a bridge of opportunity to work with mainstream recording labels and local artists, where she was able to dive into a new lane of creativity—service providing.

Keisha continues to ghostwrite for several recording artists and has since added “Bestselling Author” and “Publisher” to her list of credentials. In 2011, her short story “Dying to be a Star" was published in Nikki Turner’s anthology, Street Chronicles: A Woman’s Work, which became a New York Times Bestseller. In 2014, Keisha launched, ExSTARdinary Publishing and co-published an anthology, Diary of a Boss Chic. Since then, she has released the “Jamaican Me Go Crazy” three-part series that has advanced the urban fiction genre and solidified her as a credible force in the game.

Amongst her achievements, the greatest of all is being the mother to two energetic and hilarious sons. When asked about the secret to her success, her answer was simple: “A STARR was Born… Not Created.”  Whether it is the Dean’s List or Bestseller, Dr. Wizzart aka Author Keisha Starr, will be mentioned amongst the greats. Be on the lookout because she is rising to the top and the sky is nowhere close to the limit for this shinning STARR!

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